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Deportation/Removal Cases

Foreign nationals can end up in deportation/removal proceedings for various reasons. Some of these include illegal entry to the United States, overstaying your visa in the United States and working without proper authorization.


Some foreign nations will have a genuine fear of being persecuted if they are forced to return to their home country. Asylum is very fact specific and requires a consultation to evaluate the case. Generally asylum must be applied within one year of entering the United States.

Marriage to a U.S. citizen

Another possible form of relief is marriage to a US citizen. Generally it is better if the marriage takes place before the removal proceedings are initiated. 

Cancellation of Removal

In limited circumstances, if a foreign national has been in the country for many years, has good moral character, and the removal would result in an extreme hardship to a spouse, parent or children (who must be a green card holder) of the foreign national may be eligible for cancellation of removal. 

I-601 Waiver

Some clients who incur unlawful presence may be eligible for a I-601 waiver for unlawful presence or unauthorized work. Waivers are very complicated and need to be prepared by an attorney.

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